Wednesday, September 19, 2007

War & Peace

WQED continues to change lives.

In advance of airing Ken Burns "The War", on Saturday WQED will show Remembering World War II, a special 2-hour program featuring stories from local Veterans mixed with music from "The War" soundtrack. My neighbor got a call today from the producer asking about his story -- we'll see if it makes the cut.

Mentioning WQED gives me the excuse I was looking for to embed the Mr. Rogers Senate testimony from 1969:

I have a working theory about Mr. Rogers and the Burgh Diaspora. Those of us who grew up in Pittsburgh in the 1970's heard the voice of Mr. Rogers as we did our real neighbors, funny Pittsburgh accent and all. But Seventies kids all over the country heard his voice too, and I think that explains a little of the neighborly fondness that many seem to have for Pittsburgh, even those who have never visited.

"And then when the money ran out people in Boston and Pittsburgh and Chicago all came to the fore and said we've got to have more of this neighborhood expression of care."

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