Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old G-20 Commons

I hope Pittsburgh can be a model for all things good and lasting during the G-20. I know hope is not a plan.

I came across the above print in the catalogue accompanying A Panorama of Pittsburgh: Nineteenth-Century Printed Views, a Frick Art & Historical Center exhibition in 2008. The September 22-25, 1857 date caught my eye, but when I read the description it got me thinking about ways we build community around events.

"It is an attractive print produced locally for posting prominently around the city in the days leading up to the fair. The colorful image of the fairgrounds invites viewers to come see for themselves the attractions, while text provides more information on the event. This print had an ephemeral purpose and most copies would have been posted in public spots where they would be unlikely to survive much beyond the event itself, if even that long."

A ways from there to #myG20 -- will it be ephemeral too?

Anyone know where the "Allegheny County & Western PA Fair Grounds" was in 1857?

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