Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ghosts in the Old Poetical Machine

Hard to believe it has been almost six years since Billmon's old Whiskey Bar closed. Thought of it for some reason while reading sketches of old Pittsburgh men for clues to questions of the day.  The individual sketches appeared in The Pittsburg Leader on a regular basis, and were compiled into a book in 1892.                     (click to enlarge if need be)

Reading through them, I'm struck by how many of the men profiled (all men of course) were born elsewhere, back in the last era when Pittsburgh had positive net domestic migration!  
Which one to share first?  In honor of the Sharp Edge putting out a shingle downtown, how about an old bartender?
Pull up a stool, there are about 150 to share.  The Sharp Edge should line its walls with them for conversation starters.

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